Author Instructions for Camera Ready Version of Workshop Papers


The submission deadline for camera ready material and copyright forms is September 19th 2014 (2:00PM Pacific Time). The ECCV 2014 Workshop proceedings will be published by Springer, in the LNCS series (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). The upload of camera ready papers will be enabled on September 8th.

Author kit

The author kit for the camera ready manuscripts is different from that for initial submissions. The camera ready manuscripts has to be prepared using LaTeX2e and the provided author kit:

It is possible, but discouraged, to use other systems for the preparation of papers, e.g. MS-Word. Author kits may be found on the Springer LNCS site, under “Proceedings and Other Multiauthor Volumes “.

Instructions and policies

Paper length:

Papers may be up to 14 pages long (excluding references). Important: Springer will edit the provided source files in order to insert running heads etc. and to smooth out any formatting inconsistencies. Hence, do not reduce the paper length e.g. by reducing vertical spaces between paragraphs or the like, as this will be corrected by Springer, possibly resulting in an increase of the paper length. To avoid any problem, please use the author kit recommended above and follow its formatting instructions.

Author names:

Please write out author names in full in the paper, i.e. full given and family names.

Copyright forms:

One copyright form per paper has to be provided. Please download the template of the form here: ECCV2014_copyright_form. The corresponding author has to fill in the form and sign it. A scanned version of the copyright form (PDF-format) has to be submitted together with the camera ready paper, see below. Please note that the third check box on the copyright form does not refer to employees within the EU but rather employees of the EU.

How to submit camera ready papers:

We need all the source files (LaTeX files, style files, special fonts, figures, bib-files, Word or RTF files) that are required to compile papers, as well as the camera ready PDF. For each paper, one ZIP-file has to be prepared and submitted via the ECCV Workshop Camerea Ready CMT. The size of the ZIP-file may not exceed the limit of 50 MByte. The ZIP-file has to contain the following:

For any question related to the publication process (e.g. if your supplementary material does not fit into the upload limit), please do not hesitate to contact the publication chairs: publication-chairs-email